Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tomatoes and Things

So when Erick and I first moved into our little side apartment off of a couple's house, they said that we could have a little "plot of land" on the side of our house. Erick immediately started making plans for a garden. So, now we have a little garden. We have two HUGE tomato plants, two pepper plants, a basil plant (mmm...fresh basil), and a zucchini plant. There's been a tomato growing on the plant that's been getting rather large, so we picked it. I heard that if you pick it while it is green and put it in the window it will get red...well, that's a big fat FALSE. So I ruined our first tomato. So, another tomato that we have been watching we vowed not to pick until it was red.

So...long story short, I came home from a final and a 3 hour study session to this:

Can I just say...I have an awesome husband. :)

We made our first "weed" aka TOMATO!!!!!


Oh, here's what it came from.

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