Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Camera

We got a new camera! Erick and I got a nice Nikon digital camera, but the battery pooped out on us after the first 3 weeks we got it! So, we have been in search for one since and settled on an awesome Cannon PowerShot. It takes pretty good pictures (as good as the Nikon and it was cheaper) it just doesn't have the cool touch screen and panoramic picture stuff on it, but hey, that's ok! I don't need no stinkin panoramic stuff anyway. 

So, we decided to test out our new camera.

Occasionally we'll leave the camera in the car because we intend to take pictures of stuff that we go to and forget about the this is what happens. This is when we were coming home from our new nephew Logan's baby blessing... Logan is a cutie!

So short story: the past 2 weeks I have been going to rehersal/performances for BYU's fall opera because I got the AWESOME opportunity to work as part of the tech crew for my last music ensemble credit for my minor. I was getting there on rehersal week at 8 ish and not getting home until 11 and then having to get up to go to Timpview High School swim practice at 6:00 in the a.m. (I'm the assistant swim coach there) and go to school, do homework, and spend time with Erick while try and get over a cold that ERICK gave me. It was a mess. So, this is what I came home to one night. 

Isn't being married the best?

This was probably the prettiest fall I have seen since I've been here because the leaves in the mountains were all RED. They are normally orange and yellow with a little red, but it was all red. I thought it was incredible. So, we decided to go for a little walk.

Erick loves to fiddle with new technology things, so he tried to figure out the self timer on our camera. Not too shabby, eh? I was in the middle of homework so it was kind of a mess around me...sorry about that. Oh, and don't mind the box, I got Erick a broken xBox 360 for his birthday and we had to return it. I got my money back and Erick a new one, but that's a story for another day.

So I have really wanted to go up the canyon and see the beautiful fall leaves. So up we went.

I was really excited.

But all of the red leaves were brown...I was quite sad. It was only 2 weeks earlier that I took that picture of the side of the mountain when we went for a walk.

See? Sad.