Sunday, January 1, 2012

December Adventures

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I thought I would give an update of what's been going on in our lives. So, we moved! We're now living in Draper to be closer to Erick's work in West Valley and my student teaching in South Jordan. It's a great little apartment. We're having fun making it cute apartment (especially since we live 1 block away from IKEA!).

Here's where it all began...

We had to rent a truck since we both drive sedans and Erick decided to put what we needed in it on our chalkboard. He even added a little heart to dot the "i".

We finally moved everything in our new apartment in a record time of 5 hours. We don't have too much stuff, but we did everything on one day. It took about 5 hours to pack things... I was a VERY tired person by the end.

Then, on the 19th, we made a trip down to Angleton, Texas for the Christmas break. It was very much rushed and our apartment was not the most organized when we left it.

So, we got to Houston on the 19th in the afternoon. The next day, Erick and I needed to go in search for Christmas presents. Since I live in po-dunky Angleton, the only good places to shop are in Houston. So we made our trip an hour away. We decided that since we were up there, we'd stop by the temple that we were married in, plus, Erick needed to use the bathroom. I wandered for awhile and took pictures. We forgot, though, to take a picture of us in front of the temple... oops!

The next couple of days we had a birthday party to go to at Chuck-e-Cheese and an alligator experience at Brazos Bend park. 

Then, something crazy happened on the 23rd. My aunt, uncle, and her 2 daughters got hit by a drunk driver. My uncle and cousin Nicole were fine, but my cousin Bethany had a bad concussion and my aunt completely shattered her leg. So, because it was right before Christmas and my aunt and cousin were in the hospital, we got Nicole and her younger brother Josh in our little house for the rest of the week. Boy that was an adventure. My house it barely big enough for 5 people, but then you add 2 more in the mix and it's insane! So in our 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom house we had me, Erick, my sister, my brothers, my mom, dad, Nicole, Josh, and sometimes our other cousin Zenzo. It was intense. But, my cousin got to spend their Christmas morning at their house, which was nice for them, even though their parents weren't there, my saint of a sister stayed with them. So, here's a picture of our Christmas morning!

The next day, I got to go horseback riding with an old friend, and to escape the chaos of my house, Erick and I decided to go to San Antonio for a night. My dad used some Marriott points on a hotel right on the Riverwalk. It was beautiful. We spent the next day on the Riverwalk, at the San Antonio temple, and at my wonderful aunt Caron's and uncle Lee's house. They're like my grandparents. 

Well, that was an awesome trip. We're thinking about looking there for some jobs when I'm done with school. It would be an awesome place to live!

We had fun. Here's some pictures of the beach the last day we were there. 

 jelly fish or manofwar...not sure which...

 Teddy spent time kick sand

 and Alex digging in it...

my mom finding shells.

 Sam: "Where'd your feet go?!" Alex: "Hahahaha, I dunno?"

 they were still dry at this point.

 so fun.

I love my fam-bam. :)


  1. Sounds like a busy holiday. I'm glad you're getting settled in your new place. I love the picture of you two (btwn the temple and the jellyfish)at beach at the end!

  2. Thanks for sharing your Christmas pictures with us! We love them. Looks like you had a great time. Happy New Year! Love you!

  3. We love you two! Glad you had a chance to get away, have a change of pace, and see Sam's family. Thanks for sharing those great pictures.

  4. Cute pictures. You two are great! We miss you lots.